I just released some of the pictures in my book as beautiful pencil drawn type of wallpaper for everyone to use. The wallpapers can be downloaded in the media page. I will be adding more wallpapers and stuff that I design, hopefully everyone loves it.

Check out the new commercial for my book, Echoes of the Wind.

I'm so happy that I've been receiving so much positive feedback and support for my book. I did aim to please everyone with a different kind of storytelling and a unique writing style so I'm glad it came across well. The best thing in the world is that I made people happy with my work and that motivates me even more to continue writing. I know this is my first entry into the novel scene, but I aim to make it a one of the most memorable stories out there.

For those still checking out my book, please give it a chance to make you smile. Please review it and tell me what you'd like to see more of like battle scenes, more spells, more characters.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Welcome to my author's site!

I'm glad to have the opportunity to release my book to the public. I know a lot of people have been looking forward to the paperback copy of my latest book, Echoes of the Wind. Hope everyone reads it and discovers something new about life. Please follow the links to the side and on the top of the page to discover a new world. These are the first few steps for the long adventure we have ahead of us.
I'll be posting lot's of behind-the-scenes information here especially about my creative process and how simple things in life that we overlook can be reexamined in interesting ways so please stay tuned.
I would like to announce that I'm working hard on the next book of the series, Echoes of the Ice, so please look forward to that. It'll be an interesting new chapter in Von's journey. I've received so much positive feedback that it's driving me forward to tell more of the story. New characters, new places, and a new side of Von awaits us.