In a world where gadgets and magic coexist, a young college boy is burdened with the task of determining its fate. With the discovery of a mysterious crystal, he must choose whether to save a warring world from destroying itself or let it fall into chaos at the hands of an unknown enemy.

Echoes of the Wind is the first book in the Echoes series. With a unique take on eastern storytelling, discover a world where the problems of contemporary life are mixed with the limitless possibilities of magic. Explore a realm where magic can be used to power a computer or mastered to defeat a rival on the varsity team.

Follow Von as he and his friends arrive for the first day of college, the biggest change of their lives. Experience them tackle the challenges of being a young adult as they meet new people, from a mysterious old man selling enchanted knickknacks to a boy genius who uses spells to manipulate time. How will Von evolve through the arduous journey he has ahead of him?
Echoes of the Wind